Final Research Report

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rubric 5
Final Research Report

Rubric Detail
Introduction of research topic, research questions in context of research area and literature; provision of report structure

Flow, design and content of the detailed research report

The Final Research Report brings together what you have worked on in the previous assessments. It is important that the report reads coherently and follows through from the topic and research questions in the introduction to the relevant answers, based on your primary data embedded in insight from your literature review, in the conclusion. Visual aids that support the data interpretation are important as is proper referencing. As any written work, the Final Research Report needs to be impeccable in its layout and presentation, should include page numbers, headings and guide the reader through the research project_ The conclusion should include a reflective part on the limitations of the research and identify the remaining gaps and future agendas.
Levels of Achievement
Excellent understanding of task. Excellent value given.
Good understanding of task. Good value given.
9 to 10 points 7 to 8 points
Very good, clear and detailed introduction tied to secondary data to support topic and/or research questions. Clear structure provided
9 to 10 points Well-structured, detailed report that is clear and coherent between sections, guides the reader through well established, but connected sections
9 to 10 points
Good and detailed introduction tied to sec ndary data to 51.1 -port topic and/or research questions.
Acceptable under-standing of task. Acceptable value
Poor understanding of task. Some value generated.
5 to 6 points 3 to 4 points Good and logical Vague introduction introduction overall, with hardly any limited in secondary secondary data to data to support support topic and/or topic, research research questions. questions and No/vague structure report structure
7 to 8 points 5 to 6 points. Some flow of the report has been achieved, with limited coherence between sections


Very poor under-standing of task. Little or no value generated.
0 to 2 points Limited, vague introduction only, no secondary data used to support topic and/or research questions_ No structure given.
3 to 4 points 0 to 2 points
Flow of the report has been attempted, little or no ‘coherence, poor structure

5 to 6 •pints 3 to 4 points
Generally confused flow and design of report, hardly any structure
0 to 2 y oints