FIN 550 Final Project Milestone

FIN 550 Final Project Milestone Financial Analysis Report (SNHU)

To show how time value of money works; we will be using the form 10-K for Home Depot from 2015. From this form we will be taking their Capital Lease Payments from 2015-2019 to help determine what the present value of the company is today and what would be a reasonable value for the company in 5 years. There are 3 key things we will be looking at to help us understand the concept of Time Value of Money. First we will have to determine what the…



Milestone Three: Capital Budgeting Data (please fill in YELLOW cells)

1. Original Scenario from Milestone 1 – Time Value of Money using 8%

2. Change in interest rate and its implications – Lower Interest Rate (5%)

3. Change in interest rate and its implications – Higher Interest Rate (15%)

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