experience illness or misadventure

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TAKE-HOME EXAM Semester 2 – Main, 2022 GOVT1641 Introduction to Politics
TEST WRITING TIME: November 14 at 09:00 AEDT — November 18 at 11:59 AEDT TEST DUE: November 18 at 11:59 AEDT TEST CONDITIONS: This is an open book examination
Take-home exam There are 6 questions. All questions must be attempted. Please read all the following instructions carefully. The assessment is 1250-1500 words long total. A 5, penalty will be applied to papers that exceed 1500 words.
Simple extensions are not available during the exam period; if you experience illness or misadventure you must apply for special consideration. If you are unable to finish the test, you will need to apply fora replacement test as no further extension will be granted via email. For any ICT-related matter, contact Canvas support or Sydney elearning. Exams submitted late will not be accepted (exceptions for students with academic plansl. The take home exam is a compulsory assessment. Failure to submit without special consideration may result in an absent fail grade.
Do not discuss this test with anyone until the test period has ended and under no circumstances circulate this test paper as it is only intended for students enrolled in the unit. Collusion in individual work is against the University policy on academic honesty. Such cases will be referred to the Office of Educational Integrity. Equally, test papers suspected to have benefitted from aid from third parties through contract cheating will be promptly referred to the Office of Educational Integrity.
Do not contact teaching staff or the unit coordinator regarding examination questions — emails pertaining to the same will not be answered.
Format and Instructions: