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Assessment 1

I will need a script with approximately with 350 words that I will read it and record it. 

Thank you!

I’m adding below extra resources from the module 1 that might be helpful.

Essential Resources:

Kuratko, D. F. (2016). Entrepreneurship: Theory, process, and practice. Retrieved from

Read Chapter 10, Marketing challenges for entrepreneurial ventures, pp. 223-245. This chapter is a sound review of primary and secondary strategies and the relative merits of each. As you read the chapter consider how using cost effective research methods might assist you to be successful in your venture.

Google for Startups. (2014). Tools for Entrepreneurs: Finding Product Market Fit [Video file]. Retrieved from

This video covers the 5 why’s in a range of social media and other online tools. While you view the video, consider how trackers and other tools shows could be used to research your market and the value of using the 5 why’s.

Burns, C., & Sauers, M. P. (2014). Google Search Secrets. Chicago, Ill: ALA Neal-Schuman. Retrieved from

It is surprising how many search secrets there are of using the commonly available Google search portal. Images, maps, videos and many more categories that are rarely used by most of us. This short book covers a multitude of search techniques and how to get the best out of them. Browse the book and select 1-2 chapters to read in-depth; consider trying some new search techniques to conduct market research in your venture.

Industry environmental scanning

Essential Resources:

Arthur, L. (2013). Big data marketing: Engage your customers more effectively and drive value. Retrieved from

Read Part III The 5 steps to big data marketing and big data insights. Read through the chapters in this section to get a good overview of this topic. It will be valuable in future modules and your assessments.

Marr, B. (2016). Big data in practice: How 45 successful companies used big data analytics to deliver extraordinary results. Retrieved from

Read Chapter 11, Facebook, pp. 69-74. This short section provides insight into how Facebook uses big data to understand customers. As you read it, consider how useful the data is to you as an entrepreneur, but also consider how much information you wish to give away about yourself when using this platform.

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