Environmental & Management Accounting


Review and analyse the financial statements of a nominated Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) listed firm to:

  1. Prepare, record and upload a 10-15 minute narrated presentation, aimed at prospective investors, presenting your findings.
  2. Develop a summary report supporting your presentation.

Your presentation and report must demonstrate an executive level understanding of the accounting concepts and analysis techniques and include at least 3 references to the academic literature.

Further details and guidance is provided in the presentation and requirement sections of this assessment item.


This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:

  • be able to critique basic accounting and financial management ideas that underlie and limit the usefulness of accounting and finance information.
  • be able to explain the nature of, and apply, the measurement of assets, equities, revenues, expenses and income.
  • be able to critically evaluate and analyse some of the interpretative techniques used in accounting and financial management.
  • be able to integrate skills in information technology, communication and the use ofquantitative techniques for management decision making.

This assessment task is designed to enable you to apply your understanding of key financial accounting concepts and financial statement analysis techniques to real life companies. The task is designed to assess your understanding of Topic 2 (An Overview of Financial Statements), Topic 3 (Financial Statement Analysis), and Topic 4 (Understanding and Managing Working Capital).

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