Entrepreneurial success

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1000 words (-/+ 10%) This assessment addresses the following Subject Learning Outcomes a) Critically analyse options for investment and develop a business investment proposal. b) Communicate your business plan/proposal effectively and persuasively to stakeholders and potential investors.
Due by 11:55pm AEST Sunday of Module 3.2 (week 6)
100 marks
Entrepreneurial success requires the ability to find and attract the right investment to start and grow. Investment may come from several sources including the entrepreneur, directors and shareholders, banks and lenders, angel and company investors, grants, and crowdfunding. In all cases, entrepreneurs prepare proposals and pitches to convince investors to commit to an investment.
The purpose of this assessment is to investigate and identify appropriate sources of investment and prepare a business investment proposal for the start-up phase of your business venture. The business investment proposal will demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the lean business start-up that you have studied so far in modules 1- 3 of this subject.
Prepare a business investment proposal with the following components:
1. Introduction. Briefly outline your business venture. 2. Research and analyse investment options. Using the investment options covered in modules 1-3, identify and justify a minimum of two