Enterprise Information Systems

MBALN-736A Enterprise Information Systems
Midterm Examination
Your assignment should be typed using Times New Roman 12 font. It must have 1.5 line spacing.
All margins should be 1 inch.
Assignment File Name
Your file should have the following format: Second name, space, first name, space, module code,
space, ‘Assignment’, space, assignment number, space, date in MMYY format.
Zarifis Alex MBALN-736A Assignment 1 0213.
Referencing and Plagiarism
Direct quotations of 6 to 40 words must be included in double quotation marks followed by the
author last name and page number. For direct quotations of more than 40 words you should use a
blocked indented paragraph. However, your assignment should not be a mere copy and paste of
other people’s work even if you properly reference it. Quoting or reproducing large sections of
other work and referencing it does not earn any marks as it does not show that you understand the
issues or that you can apply them. Try as much as possible to paraphrase other’s work and include
your own opinions and examples. When you paraphrase, note that you still have to identify the
source of your information. All assignments are checked for plagiarism extensively by the markers
using a variety of methods and technologies including TurnItIn. Students that have plagiarized will
fail the module or be expelled from the course. It is important that you reference properly all
information that you have obtained from other sources. Instructions on how to reference are
available in the module page and the student support page. If you have any questions regarding
your assignment please do not hesitate to contact your module tutor.
The Student Assessment Feedback form gives you an indication of the marking criteria. Some key
points are: In order to pass you must show that you understand most if not all the theory at a basic
level and you can apply it. In order to get a high mark you must show an in depth understanding of
the material, a high level of analytic ability, extensive research and an ability to craft a wellstructured answer.
Instructions for Assignment
Read the unit overviews, the associated chapters in the book, participate in the online discussions
until week 4, read related research and answer the associated questions.
1) Explain the differences and focus of MIS systems and KMS systems. Research online,
present a specific company that most benefits from each type of system, analyse how each
company uses the system and explain the benefits that each system provides for the specific
(1000 words)
2) Based on the theory presented in the course and other research on IS, present an outline of
an MIS solution for a medium to large company that offers either products or services to its
clients. Consider the organizational strategy, the functionalities and the applications.
(700 words)
3) Apply Porter’s competitive forces model in a bank. Make recommendations on how current
IS, online collaboration, Web 2.0, Social Networks and the increasing popularity of mobile
devices could benefit the bank and its customers. In your analysis have a separate section
that discusses the security implications of the above technologies for the bank and for the
customers of the bank.
(800 words)