engage in international business

Question 1

  • What are the primary reasons that companies engage in international business?
  • Using your responses, can you supply us with 3 companies who HAVE NOT done a good job establishing their international business practices? (please provide reasons why they have failed)

Question 2

  • What is culture shock?
  • How can an international employer help prevent culture shock and improve the success of expatriates?
  • Can you supply us with some examples of real life situations where companies / employees who were suffering from culture shock recovered nicely?

Question 3

  • What is the difference between individualism and collectivism?
  • What is the relationship between government and business under each orientation?
  • Can we exist with only one standard of living?

Question 4

  • What is state capitalism?
  • Why do you think state capitalism is becoming increasingly popular around the world?
  • Do you think the USA could ever develop state capitalism for it 50 states?

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