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Assignment2 Questions 2019 semester 2

Answers to these questions should be prepared for assessment due as per the unit outline (mid and at the end of the teaching period). The bolded questions are to be submitted for assessment. Topics 1 to 5 are for Part One of the assessment. Topics 6 to 11 are for Part Two of the assessment.

Answers should be properly researched and consist of a synthesis of the student’s own views, the textbook, internet and offline sources. It is expected that an answer to a question would consist of 2-4 paragraphs (200-300 words). All work should be paraphrased (in the student’s own words) and properly referenced (in-text and in one section at the end of the text) as per the Curtin Library Referencing (Chicago Author Date) examples.

The format for submission should be one word processed document, spell and grammar checked, with word count, page numbers, references, figures, and clearly sectioned. You should use the questions below as headings (so cut and paste these). Further details on submission will be provided via BlackBoard and in class closer to the due date.

You can optionally submit a draft of t1 to get some formative feedback and/or you can show your answers in class to get some formative feedback.

Please note that the final work and the weekly submission is to be individual and will be checked using Turnitin plagiarism detection software. You should come to class prepared to speak to your answers and contribute to class discussion each week. This is important for class interaction – a key benefit of having face-to-face classes.

The assessment marking guide (rubric) will be made available via My Grades in BlackBoard and will be discussed in class. Note that the questions may be updated during semester so please check in BlackBoard for updated versions.

Note that any of these questions may be tested via an in-class invigilated exercise and/or the final examination.

Assignment2 Questions
Topic^6 End-user training

  1. Beyond formal initial education and training, what tactics can be employed to support ongoing education and training? (Refer to the Spitler article)

Topic^7 Human computer interaction (HCI) and ergonomics

  1. Develop an interface evaluation questionnaire that contains thirteen questions (ten with Likert scales and three open ended questions) linked to the goals for good interface design in your text book/lectures. Apply it to an interface of your choosing (include a screen capture of that interface) and record your results.

Topic^8 Installation and data conversion

  1. A busy suburban medical centre is migrating its legacy data including paper and electronic records to a new National E-Health system by the end of 2019. What are the data issues and how should the centre plan to deal with those issues?

Topic^9 ICT policies and information security

  1. In designing and implementing an electronic voting system for Government elections, what are the threats to information security and how could these be overcome? (Make reference to the information security goals mentioned in the lectures/textbook.)

Topic^10 ITIL change management

  1. Goldstein VCF Reading

What could have been done better to reduce or manage the issues in the VCF Case?

Topic^11 Post Implementation Review

  1. Queensland Health Payroll Reading – How could implementation of future systems be improved?

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