Employment through farming

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Chosen LGA — Shire of Ararat Determinants of Health that seem to apply to LGA • Employment — mostly farming, some factory work • Housing — a lot of rentals, seasonal workers, some home ownership Potential health issue of the LGA is respiratory problems. Seem to be seasonal (RESEARCH THIS —Reference ABS and journal article). • Employment through farming — seasonal — seasonal dust — seasonal Asthma • Employment through factory — can impact income and flow on to affordable rent or whether people can be home owners. o Housing in the LGA is of old construction, some houses are over 100 years old (ABS for Research) o Older houses are colder, costly to heat — can impact respiratory issues (RESEARCH/REFERENCE) o Some housing government built in the 1970’s (REFERENCE/RESEARCH) https://www.ararat.vic.gov.au/property-development/environmental-health Website has good information about public health focus of LGA • Food safety • Tobacco use • Water, sewerage and wastewater treatment Research sources would probably be: • Australian Bureau of Statistics • Australian Institute of Health and Welfare • Journal articles — library databases • Victorian government — local government information • Shire of Ararat council Plan: Video — 5 minutes about employment • Will discuss types of employment in the LGA o Farming can be indoor or outdoor work