Drug Addiction.


I choose the topic Drug Addiction.

Professor give me suggestions about sources 1.substance abuse 2.treatment for drug addition 3. narcotics anonymous 12-stepsAttachment preview

Evaluating a Research Paper Example

Directions: After reading the sample student paper and the UWP 23 portfolio rubric (located in Modules), answer the following questions orally in your research paper groups. You do not need to write your answers down. You have 15 minutes!

1. Does the student do a good job presenting background info for the reader to understand the situation/context?
2. How many different sources are cited in the background? Are the sources synthesized (multiple sources cited for one fact)?
3. Does the writer integrate the paraphrases effectively and if so, how?
4. Notice the transitions at the beginning of the paragraphs. What type of transitions does this student tend to use? Are they effective?
5. What is the “lead in” sentence to the argument? How does it guide the reader to the next section?

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