Distributed database security


Due date: Sunday June 28th 2020

Essay topic: Distributed database security

By definition, a graduate-level research paper provides a discussion of the content in the scholarly article from peer-reviewed sources where research was performed using relevant keywords. In short, write about the articles researched as opposed to writing your thoughts and trying to find articles that support those thoughts. Use articles for full text and scholarly journals only. Limit the results to dates from 2015 to 2020. An acceptable minimum goal is to use about 20 articles for this research paper.

Again, please remember, this is a research paper which means write about the research you did on Distributed database security. Do not write a paper with topics you think should be in this paper and then try to justify it with references.

Do not write your opinions; only write about the research you did from the peer-reviewed, scholarly articles and include citations and references. Follow all rubrics because you will be graded on the rubric.

Question 1: Write a research paper on Distributed database security.

Follow the rubrics below.

  • APA formatting of the paper including citations and references is worth 20 points. Two points off for each error.
  • Each scholarly article from peer-reviewed sources from the UMGC library is worth two points for a maximum of 40 points.
  • Content relevant to the research topic is worth 60 points. Distinguished (60), Advanced (50), Proficient (40), Basic (30), or Unacceptable (20).
  • Page length between 12 and 13 pages. If met 20 points, or unmet (0). The table of content, and reference section are not included in the page count.
  • Proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar are worth 30 points. Two points off for each error.


Before you begin writing this essay, first of all provide a response to the 3 questions below on a separate rough draft paper. Your responses to those 3 questions will now help to guide you on which type of articles you should be looking for.

Here are the questions you should ask yourself before you begin to write this research paper:

  • What research questions did you consider to help you focus on your topic?
  • What problem you will attempt to solve?
  • What are the positions you will take on a topic related to Distributed database security?

Were you able to provide responses to the above 3 questions? If yes then great. Because your responses to those 3 questions above will help guide you logically on how to organize this research paper.


Wikipedia and sites such as blogs are not scholarly sources and will result in a zero grade for APA citation and references. You should use the UMGC library to perform graduate-level research for scholarly articles from peer-reviewed sources. Therefore, use only references from the UMGC library for all research in this course.

UMGC Libray: https://sites.umgc.edu/library/index.cfm?_ga=2.26659579.75802204.1590034987-36080969.1569956532

If it prompts you login, use this

Username: saku

Password: junior25SA

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