Dissertation Template

Dissertation Template for ARBE4121B

List of Figures ii
List of Tables iii
1.0 Chapter One: Introduction
1.1 list all sections 1
1.2 ………. page number
1.2.1 List all sub sections listing all the page numbers
1.2.2 ………..
2.1 ………
2.1 etc
2.0 Chapter Two: Literature Review
2.1 continue as above for all sections

List of Figures
Figure 1.1.1 Title of the figure page number
Figure 1.1.2 …….
Figure 2.2.3 you can link the number of the figures with the sections
as in the Table of Contents or just number them Figure 1,
Figure 2 etc.

List of Tables
Table 1.1.1. If you have any tables list the same way as the List of Figures but on a separate page

This is a summary of your dissertation. Briefly outline the following: purpose of your research, your research question(s), the aims/objectives, your research design/methodology and the key findings/outcomes. Length should be 300 – 500 words only.

Note: The Abstract, Table of Contents, List of Figures, and Tables are not included in your final word count.

Chapter One: Introduction
1.1 Background to the Research
(Keep this section brief. Suggested length of the background is no longer than 500 words)
1.2 Research Question, Research Aim(s) and Research Objectives
1.2.1 Research Question
1.2.2 Research Aim(s)
1.2.3 Research Objectives
1.3 Research Scope
1.4 Significance/Justification of Research
1.5 Outline of dissertation
Provide a short summary of the contents of each chapter
Chapter Two: Literature Review
2.1 Introduction
2.2 ………..
2.3 ………………
2.# Conclusion
Chapter Three: Research Design
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Research Subjects
3.3 Application of Methodology (in this section first explain why you are using this particular research method)
3.4 Limitations
3.5 …..

3: # Conclusion
Chapter Four: Results and Discussion
4.1 This chapter is where you develop your argument
4.# Results (Some students may want to add this section)
4.# Discussion
Chapter Five: Conclusion
5.1 Conclusion – Research Objective
In this chapter demonstrate that you have addressed your objective and aim(s) of the research mentioned in Chapter One
5.2 Conclusion – Research Aim(s)
5.3 Conclusion – Research Question
Demonstrate that you have answered your research question and end how your research differentiates itself from previous research.
5.4 Scope for Further Research
This is an opportunity to demonstrate that your topic has potential and is significant enough to warrant further study.
Reference List
Generally the referencing system will be Chicago 15th A, APA or Harvard. Check with your supervisor which one you should use for your discipline. Examples below

Chicago 15th A – For reference list
Surname, first name. Title. (city of publication, publisher, year)

Surname, first name. “Title.” journal name volume, issue (year ): pages numbers.
Surname, first name. “Title.” In Book Title, edited by editor, pages numbers (city of publication
publisher, year).

Surname, first name/ Organisation. “Title.” publisher, URL, access date.

Harvard – In text referencing
(Author, year, page number)

Harvard – For Reference List
SURNAME, Initial (year ) title, city, publisher.
SURNAME, Initial (year ) title. journal name, volume, issue, page numbers.

SURNAME, I. (year ) title. IN EDITOR (Ed.) book title. city, publisher.

SURNAME, Initial/ ORGANISATION (year ) title. city, publisher, URL, access date

If required

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