Discussions of key issues

The essay should be no longer than 1,000 words (excluding references). Credit will be given for: • Discussions of key issues and their context. • Reference to literature. • Case discussions. • Conclusions and recommendations. • Overall coherence and consistency. (2) The essay needs to demonstrate the understanding of Global Strategy lectures, and should include some cases discussed in seminars on the Global Strategy module. (3) For students who select question one, you are expected to discuss different learning benefits a firm can gain from foreign markets. (4) For students who select question two, you are expected to discuss different types of strategic capabilities that influence the success of overseas expansions for a firm. (5) An introduction (about 100 words) to an essay should address itself directly to the question or topic you have been asked to discuss. The analysis section (about 800 words) of the essay should describe your response to an essay question. You need to cite and discuss a few relevant literature on your chosen topic in the analysis section. You also need to discuss relevant cases in the analysis. The conclusion (about 100 words) of an essay should summarize the main findings. (6) The essay should be properly refe ced in Harvand style only. (7) Submission deadline is notified • ugh Sussex direct. You need to submit your individual essay for e-submission. (8) The coursework should be your work, and at material copied from textbooks, from the coursework of other students, • m the lee slides, or downloaded from the intemet constitutes plagiarism unless proper a • gement is provided. (9) Students are required to show evidence of an extensive use of various well established and reputable literature sources (i.e. journal articles, books and other sources of information). (10) You are expected to include at least 15 useful literature sources in this essay.