This is a graded discussion: 60 points possible due Oct 29
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Think of the unit of an organization for which you have worked. Based on
your experience, what seemed to be four of the dimensions of the tactical
plan for that unit (see page 219)? How did you see them evidenced in
In addition to your initial substantive post, respond to your peer’s post with thoughtful
commentary per the syllabus guidelines highlighted below.
“Discussion topics will be posted for student’s consideration. Students must access and post
high quality content on at least 3 of the six days in the discussion week (the 3 days of
posting are worth 10 points). The discussion week runs from Monday at 12:01 AM thru
Saturday at 6:00 PM. Students can earn up to 20 points for an initial substantive posted
response to the topic and, an additional 30 points during the discussion week with thoughtful
and informative replies to their fellow students that enhance the discussion and concept
development (minimum of three additional insightful and substantive posts required to be
eligible for the full 30 points available).
The student must post their initial substantive discussion response, with citational support, no
later than Tuesday at 11:59 PM in the discussion week to earn the full 20-point credit
allowable for that portion of the deliverable. As a point of Clarification – a substantive initial
response and student replies are approximately 100 to 150 words of quality insight each,
from the week’s assigned materials and personal work experience that relates to the topic.
Because this is an upper division management course, the instructor requires your initial
posted response to have citational support (proper APA formatting please). In other

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words, you cannot just post your opinion but rather whatever position you adopt must be
supported by an outside academic source. For instance, if the topic is effective
communication, the student is expected to perform research and find academic material that
supports their position on effective communication. Our GBC library (either physical or online)
has wonderful databases, rich in source material for your use. You can also use your textbook
as a source for this deliverable. Let the instructor know if you have any questions because it
will be reflected in the posting grading for the last two discussions.
Initial response to the DQ and replies to fellow students made late in the week do not help us
to build a strong discussion. Posts of “I agree” and others of similar limited depth and/or
significance, or those posted late on Sunday do not qualify for points. I assign significant point
value to the DQ activities, as it is a critical component of your learning. Enhance our learning
and engage each other in civil discourse. Please let me know if you have need of further
To recap:
• Initial Discussion response posted by Tuesday at 11:59 PM that is considered
substantive by the instructor – 20 points
• Substantive engagement with at least three of your peers during the discussion week –
30 points
• Posting of a substantive nature in the discussion forum on at least three of the six days
in the discussion week – 10 points.”

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