Digital Transformation report

1- Saudi Digital Transformation report is dues by December 6th. It is an individual assignment . I received many questions related to it. Some hints.a) It should be a research-based paper with appropriate citations and references. You may want to use some statistics, figures, numbers, etc. You need to conduct a search to understand the situation and include your opinions and evaluations.b) The length is not so relevant. If you need some numbers it should be between 5-12 pages. But, these numbers are not definite. The length will depend on your research, your opinions, evaluation, your focus area, etc. Actually, there is no limit.c) It should be written as a scientific paper or research paper. You must follow academic rules. Plagiarism is one of our issues. If you take something from some other source you MUST cite and show reference for that borrowing.d) This is your country and digital transformation is very important and every citizen should be part of it. If you look from this perspective and try to understand the current situation as well as developing ideas to improve it, that would be most helpful to you, your citizens, and your country. I just want to see this in your assignment. Conduct your search,be informed and analyze the situation with a scientific approach.

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