Differentiate between parallel and serial busses

Question1 :
One large modern computer has a 48-bit memory address register. How much memory can this computer address?

Question 2 :
What is the function of registers in the fetch-execute instruction cycle? What is the purpose of the instruction register?

Question 3 :
Differentiate between Parallel and Serial Busses?

Question 4 :
List Five Buss Characteristics?

Question 5:
Do pipelining and superscalar processing techniques affect the number of clock cycles of any individual instruction? Explain your answer.

Question 6:
a) How does the cache controller know when to use cache or go to main memory?

b) Caching recently used data and instructions is an important performance enhancement. Summarize the benefits cache.

Question 7:
what are interrupts? Give examples and mention the two interrupt processing models

Question 8:
write the steps of DMA initiation and control?

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