different topics by using the texts

You have two write an answer based on three different topics by using the texts that I will send. I do not need a summarizing. You have to use quotes, this mean that you have to give examples from the texts by putting in “……” after it write example (p.245, The name of the text). This will make your arguments stronger. The professor knows the texts so here the I idea is to show how much you understand the view point of the philosopher. An explain it to the professor. Because there is no exact question, you have to write something that will fix in most questions. For each topic you have two write a FULL page. Do NOT summarize or to write the same information with your words from the text. DO NOT use citations.

The three questions in the Final Exam cover

A: Distributive Justice.

– A1: Libertarian arguments regarding distributive justice (Nozick’s Entitlement Theory and the minimal state). See Nozick and Von Hayek texts in Textbook (1 full page)

– A2 – Egalitarian arguments (Marx, Rawls, Dworkin) (1 full page)

B. Nancy Fraser’s text Justice Interruptus (BB). Core aguments. (1 full page)

C. Cosmopolitanism: The key points in Kant’s text Perpetual Peace

you can use textbook and printed text of Fraser and Kant (1 full page)

Use exactly the texts that for the answer. And in the doc please qrite above A1,A2,B,C. For will be easear.

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