Develop training schedule for hoosier burgers end user

As the lead analyst for the Hoosier Burger project, you have worked closely with Bob and Thelma  Mellankamp. Having completed the systems analysis phase, you are now ready to begin designing the  new Hoosier Burger information system. As the lead analyst on this project, you are responsible for  overseeing the development of the forms, reports, and databases required by the new system. Because  the inventory system is being automated and a new delivery system is being implemented, the Hoosier  Burger system requires the development of several forms and reports.

Using your data-flow diagrams and entity-relationship diagrams, you begin the task of identifying all the  necessary forms and reports. You readily identify the need for a Delivery Customer Order Form, a  Customer Account Balance Form, a Low-in-Stock Report, and a Daily Delivery Summary Report. The  Delivery Customer Order Form will capture order details for those customers placing delivery orders.  Bob will use the Customer Account Balance Form to look up a customer’s current account balance. The  Low- in- Stock Report will be generated daily to identify all food items or supplies that are low in stock.  The Daily Delivery Summary Report will summarize each day’s delivery sales by menu item sold.  As the lead analyst on the Hoosier Burger project, you have had the opportunity to learn more about the  systems development process, work with project team members, and interact with the system’s end  users, especially with Bob and Thelma. You have just completed the design work for the various forms  and reports that will be used by Bob, Thelma, and their employees. Now it is time to prepare logical and  physical database designs for the new Hoosier Burger system. During a meeting with Hoosier Burger  project team members, you review the four steps in logical database modeling and design. It will be  your task to prepare the logical models for the Customer Order Form, Customer Account Balance Form,  Daily Delivery Sales Report, and Inventory Low- in- Stock Report. At the next meeting, the E- R model will  be translated and a final logical model produced.

The development of Hoosier Burger’s information system is nearing completion. At recent project  meetings, the types of testing, training, documentation, and installation strategies appropriate for  Hoosier Burger have been discussed. The end users have little computer experience and thus require  several types of training and supporting documentation. Fred Jones, one of the project’s team members,  has recommended using a direct installation approach. Because Hoosier Burger’s information system is  relatively small, he feels that the direct approach is the best installation strategy to pursue. The new  system could be installed at the beginning of the week and be up and running for the weekend traffic.  However, Paula Freeman does not like this idea. She feels that a parallel approach is more appropriate.  She worries that if the system crashes, it may be difficult to return to the old system.

 Tasks you must complete:  Each task should be completed in a separate document. You will need to use MS Word and Visio to  complete various parts of the project. Create a folder called yourlastnameCPP3. Save all the

 completed files in this folder for submission. The name you MUST assign to each file is enclosed in  parentheses at the end of each requirement. These are the only names I will look for in your  submission folder and if I don’t find one you will receive 0 points for that part of the assignment.   1. Using the design guide-lines presented in chapter 8, design the Delivery Customer Order  Form. Think carefully about what data would be needed on the form. (delcust.jpg or  delcust.docx)

2. Using the design guide-lines presented in chapter 8, design the Customer Account Balance  Form. Think carefully about what data would be needed on the form.

3. Using the design guidelines presented in chapter 8, design the Daily Delivery Summary  Report.

4. Using the design guidelines presented in chapter 8, design the Low in-Stock Report.  (lowinstock.jpg or lowinstock.docx)  5. Use MS Visio or Dia to develop logical models (ER diagrams) for each of the interfaces  mentioned in the case scenario. (logicalmodel1, logicalmodel2, etc)

6. Use MS Visio or Dia to integrate the logical models prepared above into a consolidated  logical model. (consolLM)

7. Using your newly constructed logical model, determine which fields should be indexed.  Make a list of them and describe why they should be indexed.

8. Which fields should be designated as calculated fields? Make a list of them and describe the  calculation and source of the data.

9. Develop a training schedule for Hoosier Burger’s end users.

10. Develop a hardware and software installation schedule for Hoosier Burger.

11. Develop User Documentation for the Delivery Customer Order Form.

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