develop an understanding and appreciation


  • To develop an understanding and appreciation about the influences of micro and macro environmental actors forces on an organisation’s ability to serve the needs of its target market;
  • To develop critical analytical ability to gather and analyse relaevant data to facilitate decision making;
  • To develop foresights to predict industry trend and tailor the organisation’s practices to respond to the changing situation.

How the assessment fits into the subject/course:

Marketing in the 21st century has evolved profoundly which is a critical element of business administration. The design of marketing plans is integral to business organisation and the assessment of this subject aims to provide students with the opportunity to apply the knowledge of developing effective marketing strategies. This assessment requires the students to analyse overall situation of the business prior to developing a marketing plan, which students will work in their next assessment. For this purpose, a short scenario is given below to help students address the assessment tasks.

Linkages between Assessments 1 and 2:

Assessment 1 requires students to undertake the SWOT/TOWS analysis of their chosen organisation. Students are advised to consult the IBISWorld database through Torrens Library to do the preliminary research to specify an industry and an organisation wtihin the given industry that they intend to write their assignments. Students can also select an organisation from their home country or elsewhere but need to ensure that they have access to relevant data required to write their assignments. The assessments 1 and 2 are interlinked where students need to summarise the situation analysis from their assingment 1 while discussing this section within the assessment 2, the marketing plan.

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