develop a well-detailed and supported profile

The project requires each team to develop a well-detailed and supported profile of consumers of some product or service to be selected by the team members. In order to understand consumers it is necessary:

(1) To describe them in terms of demographics and lifestyles, and identify a useful basis (or bases) for segmenting the market

(2) To highlight those factors that affect consumer’s perception of the product consumption

(3) To understand the impact of learning on consumption

(4) To determine how consumers attitudes form and change by marketing communication activities of the company

(5) To explicate the nature of the typical purchase decision process for the product category

(The #5 is the part of the task I need to completeAnd I need to answer follow questions:

what are the positive sides of marketing communications

(ads,promotions etc.)

How wold you change the marketing communications

to improve it?

I have to write three pages and discuss:

-identify me pro duct / prand

– provide pictvres of the ads or links to the Comexcial

-Answer the above

The brand we analyzed in our group is McDonald’s.

Your presentation and final report should cover all of five questions mentioned above.

This project has multiple deliverables. First, each group is required to email their topic (consumers of a product or service) to me by Oct 9th for my approval. Second, you are required to make a 10-minute final presentation (end of quarter) and a 15-page (max) report of your project (due at the presentation date). All group members must be present at the presentation date. For more information about the group projects, refer to the assigned section in blackboard. You must submit weekly progress reports for this group project.

Format:Your paper should be double-spaced with 1-inch margins, and you should use 12-point, Times New Roman font. All the sections listed above together should be about 15 pages long. Number your pages. Be sure to also include a reference/bibliography section.

Diversity Assignment. This group project aims to study the multicultural marketing activities by companies. You are expected to work on this project throughout chapter 13 when we discuss subcultures. As a group, think about one product or brand that is targeted to a specific ethnic subculture.

  • What are the positive sides of the marketing communications (ads, promotions etc )?
  • How would you change the marketing communications to improve it?
  • You have to write three pages and discuss:

– Identify the product/brand

– Provide pictures of the ads or links to the commercials

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