Designing the Network Infrastructure

Designing the Network Infrastructure

Bacon Institute is an organization that provides educational offerings to nontraditional students.

The organization has different offerings depending on the group:

Bacon Branded – This offering focuses on the general public and provides services directly to its student.

Co-Branded – This offering provides the same services as the Bacon Branded; however, they are resold by a third party and labeled as “….powered by Bacon.”

White Label – While the service offering is the same, these services are labeled solely with the third parties’ information.

Due to the security and regulatory requirements as well as the concern of corporate espionage, many security concerns must be addressed.

Your task is to develop a network infrastructure design that meets the requirements above for the Orlando, Phoenix, and Toronto sites and create a network drawing using Visio or, specific to Bacon Institute, listing the network’s topology.

For your reference, the image below shows how a network diagram for a different infrastructure design might look.

Network Diagram Example

The design is to be based on the following:

There is constant connection between the three locations, carrying at least 75 Mbps of data.

Each facility has three floors, rectangular with dimensions of 250 feet by 400 feet.

There needs to be 150 network connections on the first and second floor of each building. The data center in each building is located on the third floor and requires 75 network connections. Additionally, the Phoenix location will require additional network connections for failover.

The primary data center is located at the Orlando location.

A failover data center is located at the Phoenix facility.

Protection from intrusions should be detailed.

The primary web servers (including primary application and primary database servers) are located at the Orlando location.

Redundant database servers are located at the Toronto location.

All servers must have redundancy.

A plan to verify security and failover measures will be required.

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