design and evaluate an interactive



The objective of this assignment is to design and evaluate an interactive Online Library System for xyz University (OLSxyzU). The user may use search, reserve book or read online e-book or digital journal etc… You may look at some international universities and inspire how they library functions. Your task is to carry out this assignment and report on all the following points from a) to f).

In addition to the below points a report should include: an introduction, conclusion and references. For this assignment you should:

  1. Identify user’s needs for this library (OLSxyzU). You could do this in a number of ways by observing the tasks in xyz Library, looking at other university online libraries, your own experience or interview friends.
  2. Based on user’s need, choose two different user profiles and produce one persona for each and one main scenario for each capturing how the user is expected to interact with the system.
  3. Perform a task analysis on the main task associated with OLSxyzU: i.e. reserving a book
  4. Based on the analysis produce a use case for the main task mentioned in c)
  5. Suggest three different conceptual models for this system. You should consider each of the aspects of conceptual model discussed in Lecture 6: interface metaphor, interactive type, interface type, functions, and relationships between functions. Of these conceptual models, decide which one seems most appropriate and articulate the reason why.
  6. Produce the following prototypes for your chosen conceptual model:
  7. Using the scenarios generated for OLSxyzU produce a storyboard for the task reserving a book for one of your conceptual models. Show it to two or three potentials users and get some informal feedback.
  8. Now develop a card-based prototype from the use case for the task of reserving a book, also incorporating feedback from i). Show this new prototype to a different set of potential users and get some more informal feedback.