design and evaluate an interactive product

The overall assignment is for you to design and evaluate an interactive product for booking tickets online for events like concerts, the theater, and the cinema. Most venues have an online booking facility already, but it can b e awkward and frustrating to identify and book the seats you want.

For this assignment, you should:

  1. Identify users’ needs for this online facility. You could do this in a number of ways. For example, you could observe people using ticket agents, think about your own experience of purchasing tickets, look at websites for booking tickets, interview friends and family about their experiences, and so on. Record your data carefully.
  2. Based on your user requirements, choose two different user profiles and produce one persona and one main scenario for each, capturing how the user is expected to interact with the product.
  3. Perform a task analysis on the main task associated with the ticket booking system, i.e. booking a ticket. d. Based on this analysis, produce a use case for the main task of booking a ticket. e. Using the data gathered in part (a) and your subsequent analysis, identify different kinds of requirements for the product, according to the headings introduced in Section 10.3. Write up the requirements in the style of the Volere shell.