Design a complete ERD for the above process model

Horizon Books is a bookstore in downtown Madina Munawara. It carries an inventory of approximately 50,000 books. Customers come in and browse the shelves, select their books, and take them to one of three cashiers positioned in different parts of the store. One of the cashiers is situated at an information desk where customers can discover whether a particular book is in stock, place orders for books not currently available in the bookstore, and collect and pay for books previously ordered. The cashier at the information desk has a book database that is consulted for every query. There are no credit sales. All customers pay for their purchases at the time of purchase.

Following is the process model


  • Define attributes for various entities shown in the figure
  • Design a complete ERD for the above process model
  • Students need to add 25-50 dummy entries into the database
  • The final product should be working Database software that should be able to answer various select queriesSQL QUERIES TO BE IMPLEMENTED FOR TESTING DATABASE ARE AS FOLLOWS:
  1. Identify the names of all customers whose age is 20.
  2. Show the name of all the books with third edition from Inventory Database.
  3. Print the name of customer and amount he paid for the books where the price of book is more than 500.
  4. Show the names of unique customers.
  5. Show the Customer ID, Customer Name, Order ID where Customer ID is 1 and Order ID is 2.
  6. Print Order ID, Order Date and Customer ID for Customer ID 2.
  7. Print all the data from Inventory Database.
  8. Show Order Data, Book Name, Order ID for the orders made on or before 5 august 2015.
  9. Show Cashier ID and Receipt ID for those books which price is more than 1000 and the book category is “Politics”.
  10. Print the total number of customers.
  11. Find the Average price of books in the Inventory Database.
  12. Show the total cost of all the books present in the Book store.


  • A file contains E-R diagram and the schemas.
  • A file contains all SQL statements of creating tables, insert data.
  • A file contains SQL queries.

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