Describe the physical effects of disorders.

1.1  Explain the physiological origin of at least three disorders, e.g. diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, MS, Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s

1.2  Describe the physical effects of the chosen disorders.

1.3  Explain the contributory factors to the onset of the chosen disorder, e.g. lifestyle, employment, hereditary factors, diet

2.1  Explain the process of referral to identified specialist services

2.2  Explain the investigative processes and procedures involved in assessing the chosen disorders, e.g. medical history, blood tests, blood pressure, CT scan. 

3.1  Compare and contrast care services available in relation to the chosen disorders. 

3.2  Explain the roles and responsibilities of the professionals in relation to the chosen disorders. 

3.3  Explain the ranges of treatment available for patients with selected disorders 

3.4  Explain the monitoring processes involved for selected physiological disorders, e.g. check-ups, repeat tests and investigations.

4.1  Evaluate the extent to which an individual diagnosed with selected conditions would need to adapt his/her lifestyle

4.2  Explain a range of strategies that would help individuals cope with lifestyle changes caused by selected disorders

4.3  Explain the likely prognosis and potential long term outcomes for the individual for each of the selected disorder.

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