Describe and explain the vulnerability

1. Describe and explain the vulnerability with a reasonable high level of technical detail in your own words. 2. Identify a system or systems where the vulnerability exists “in the wild”. 3. Describe and explain mitigation and prevention strategies that can be used to protect against the vulnerability. 4. Build a test environment that allows to demonstrate the vulnerability. The test environment should be saved as one or more Virtual Box VM image(s) that are selfcontained and need to be submitted. 5. The username and password must be root/root of virtual machine. 6. You need windows 7 as a victim machine and Microsoft office 2013 because this vulnerability exits in Microsoft office 2013. 7. Kali Linux as an attacker. 8. You can use a phishing link to send file if you need to. 9. You will perform practical in the class. 10. You need deep search about this vulnerability to get done. 11. Submit the test environment (VMs). Explanation and documentation of vulnerability: a. Existence of the vulnerability in production systems b. Documentation for setting up the test environment (the length of this depends on the vulnerability. Screenshots are very useful here.); c. Demonstration of the exploit in action (again the length varies, but you must use screenshots to illustrate the different steps and the outcome); d. Mitigation and prevention strategies for the exploit (this should be more than simply “patch the software”. You should refer to your explanation of the vulnerability to explain how and why the mitigations.

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