Data Analysis

STAT 250 Spring 2019 Data Analysis Assignment 1

Your submitted document should include the following items. Points will be deducted if the following are not included.

Type your Name and STAT 250 with your correct section number (e.g. STAT 250-xxx) right justified and then Data Analysis Assignment #1 centered on the top of page 1 below your name the begin your document.
Number your pages across your entire solutions document.
Your document should include the ANSWERS ONLY with each answer labeled by its corresponding number and subpart. Keep the answers in order. Do not include the questions in your submitted document.
Generate all requested graphs and tables using StatCrunch.
Upload your document onto Blackboard as a Word (docx) file or pdf file using the link provided by your instructor. It is your responsibility for uploading a readable file.
Full assignment Instructions, as well as a example is attached as a word file.

Access to StatCrunch is required.…
I will provide the login info..

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