Currently studying a diploma course

Personal context

Bingqian Wang, was born in 1998, 21 years old, gender male, arrived in Australia for studying in 2015, is currently studying a diploma course, majoring in business.

Family members are three people, my father is a civil servant, my mother is an entrepreneur, and my mother started her own business after my birth. After ten years, it has developed well so that I admire my mother

Currently studying diploma in Eynesbury College, hoping to complete a degree of Bachelor of Accounting at the University of Adelaide

Completed six years of primary school education and five years of secondary school education in China, and served as the head of the student Rights and interests Department in the high school

Working as a store sale in CS-KOCHSYSTEME in 2018 and serving as a financial assistant in a family business in 2019. I learned that no matter what industry I am in, I need excellent social interaction Ability and professional ability.

I usually take road trips in my free time. I like to go camping by the sea and in the wild. I like to watch movies and listen to music while I stay at home. Sometimes I do exercise and play games. I prefer activities that go outdoor, which allows me to stay away from the city and relax myself

I am more interested in accounting, which is why I chose to study accounting as my major, but things may not be as expected, and I probably be engaged in other industries that I would be interested

I am not quite proud of my achievements, nor am I a gifted genius, but I have become a kind person and a volunteer to provide help and service for people with limited mobility. This is my greatest pride.

Self-assessment themes

Background, experiences, likes and dislikes

I lived with my Chinese parents in Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, China since childhood. My father is a civil servant, my mother is an entrepreneur, my father was a soldier before retiring, I did not have enough ability and courage to follow my father’s footsteps. They think my talent in numbers should be engaged in a Number-related occupations or family business (PC). I have experienced part-time jobs such as sales and waitress, but I do not like the job of waitress because it is not helpful for my future. My first satisfactory job was working as a financial assistant in my mother’s company, although my ability still needs to be improved, I do work hard for graduation and future work.


I can handle balance in all aspects of life and have enough time to spend on personal relationships (VA). While facing a job trouble, I can solve it flexibly. Compared to a fixed solution process, I believe in the judgment I made at the time. In my life, I am willing to lend a helping hand to those who wanted me to help, and I will be very satisfied when I contributed (VA). At the same time, I need to always pay attention to and maintain my physical health, because the body has a great impact on my work and life. I admire that people have their own judgment ability, everyone should have their own ideas, of course, it is appropriate to draw opinions, but can not rely too much on others. I agree that sharing work experience and ideas with colleagues is better than solving problems alone.

Interest and passion

I have been interested in numbers since I was a child, but I am not very sensitive to words. When I grew up, I loved sports. In high school I have participated in basketball school team. In addition, Management attracted me. I joined the student union in high school and served as one of the managers for two years (PC).

Prefer lifestyle

I prefer casual work, as a part of a business is simpler than starting a business (SS). I like to focus on only one aspect so that I can finish my work in a perfect level. In life too, I prefer to finish one thing and go ahead to another one rather than do lots of things simultaneously. I like outdoor. In my studying in Australia, I often go camping or go to the beach with my friends. I like the bright starry sky and clean air (PC).

Life goals and personal vision

The most important goal before 2025 is to graduate and find a satisfactory job. If the process of finding a job is not quite easy, I will apply for a degree of Master to continue my studies, enrich myself, and learn more knowledge (PC).

Skills and attribute

In daily life, I am Possessing a volunteer certificate in China, providing help and services to the elderly during 2017 to 2019 (PC). As a part of organization, I am very content to work as an important member of the organizational team, probably more willing to get advice on management work, instead of taking responsibility for the company (GET2).

Career and work-life implications

Organization development

In business development, I probably very good at finding and applying new technologies in a skilled manner, and in fact, it is very effective in developing and applying skills. I am still willing to try and test, but only for those aggressive ideas with lower risks or business ideas that take risks with partners, although most returns will be abandoned.

Effort and luck

The meaning of hard work while working is self-evident. Without hard work, few people can succeed. No matter when studying or working, hardworking is usually the ladder of success. But for me, I often think that sometimes it is not only hard working that achieves achievement. Occasionally I doubt whether my personal qualities and efforts can assist me achieve my goals in life. Compared to hard work and luck, I believe that luck and destiny will determine what takes place in life. But not only is lucky enough to make me successful, although I believe that everyone’s success is inseparable from luck, but I also remind myself that those who work hard, and capable people are eligible to be lucky.

List pros & cons

During the process of listing pros and cons in an activity, checking each possible solution and its list of advantages and disadvantages in turn, and determine which method is most effective and beneficial is very significant (Harrington & Hall,2007). My management experience in student union is helpful for me to determine which solution or method is better in situation. At the same time, I am good at work out the effective way because my flexible thought.

Career adaptability

I have excellent adaptability while I am facing the new environment or new work. At the age of 17, I chose to study in Australia and adapted to the local language and the learning environment in a short time. When I first helped in a family business, I found that there was a gap between the knowledge learned in the school and the actual application. I understand that the ability which transform what I have learned into skills that I can use is a skill that I really need at the time and in the future. Although it was tough for me to quickly get into work at the beginning, the attitude of studying hard is very important. As the test results of GET2, optimism, not pessimism, is a necessary quality in work life. I am also willing to accept the opinions given by my colleagues. As the test, too, I am happy to seek opinions at work. This leads me to quickly learn relevant knowledge and adapt to my work.

At the same time, VA test illustrates that it is necessary to listen to other people’s opinions as much as possible at work, communicate and share work experience at the same time. I need to be flexible to face the problems I might encounter in my actual work, instead of referring to the knowledge learned in school in a static way, or working hard by myself, this lead to half the results with double the effort.


Harrington, B, & Hall, Douglas, T 2007, Career management and work life integration: Using self-assessment to navigate contemporary careers, Los Angeles, Sage Publications.

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