current professional sporting event

 you are to select a current professional sporting event that will be televised. If you are able to record this event, you should do so. Your goal is to watch the entire sporting event from start to finish with no interruptions. You will need a stopwatch of some sort, and something to take notes with. During this sporting contest you must pay close attention to every commercial, the length of each commercial, and the brand/company/product that is being advertised. You must create a timeline for that sporting event, starting with the minute the event is scheduled to be televised, until the programming changes after the sporting event.

You can organize your content in any way that you see fit.  Some students create a spreadsheet to log the commercial breakdown, while other students create a list in a word document. 

Your list must include:

  • the start/end time of each commercial
  • what the product is,
  • identify if there are any cross promotions with the league/team your watch. 
  • make sure to include every sponsor, including:
  • on the field/court and that are visible on TV
  • identify the location of these signs, the size, their visibility, court/field placement, and how those locations/activation’s could be improved.
  • total duration per sponsor EG: Toyota ran 4:50 of commercials during the game

Leagues will often have in-game promotions where a company such as State Farm can sponsor a replay, or player of the game. List every example of this during your sporting event. What segment they sponsored, and how long it was on air.

Did the announcers name any sponsors during the game? Did they thank any companies, or plug any products? Are any commercials cross branding their products with the league? Pay close attention to everything, and list your finding in an organized and logical manner. 

Your narrative: 

Compile all of your sponsors for the entire sporting contest, create your report and crunch all of your numbers by adding the total airtime that each sponsor received on-air. Note at what point in the contest they received the bulk of their air-time (1st half/8th inning). Once you have all of your sponsors/times/promotions/etc. on paper, use similar product characteristics to help define your overall viewing demographic. Describe this demographic in detail and support your ideas with concrete inferences based on your findings and referenced journal articles that defend your statements.

Once you have described your target demographic, suggest at least five other products that would benefit from advertising at this event. Defend your suggestions.

 Note: When tabulating the commercials, times, can use a graph, or chart to help organize your content.  Creating a spreadsheet is also acceptable to list your findings.  If you use charts, or spreadsheets, then your written report that supplements your charts only needs to be 3 pages. Your written report should summarize your findings, and answer the included questions in paragraph form, expressing your understanding of this module.

The report must be 5 pages with the reference page being 6 page. You must cite at least 4 sources, at least 3 of which must be a scholarly journal, or Sports Business Journal. 

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