CSG2341_ProjectAssignments_192-v4 3

CSG2341_ProjectAssignments_192-v4 3
Contribution of each
Team Member
Mention who did what part of the work.
(b) Assignment-2:
This assignment should elaborate on the research plan specified in the Assignment-1. You should choose one or
more machine learning or deep learning algorithms/architecture, implement that/them and evaluate their
For implementing algorithm(s), you can code using any programming language of your choice (e.g. Python, C/C++,
MATLAB) or use tools like WEKA and MATLAB Toolboxes. In Python, you may use PyBrain or PyTorch libraries
for machine learning/deep learning.
For any machine learning based object detection/recognition system you need:
• Take input from sensor (or download already collected and publicly available data)
• Pre-process the data
• Read about features responsible for identification.
• Find a method to extract those features.
• Train your features for specific user through any machine learning technique.
However, for deep learning, you do not have to separately extract features.
You need to submit a report describing your methodology and results with a Minimum of 6 and maximum 10
pages (without appendix).
You will also need to submit a video of a maximum 10 minutes with a maximum of five slides. Video should
include demonstration of your input/output data/sample, implementation code or parameters if tool boxes used,
results and your comment on the results. On-campus students may like to present their work in the last tutorial
session (please consult with tutor/unit coordinator prior to that class for specific time slot) instead of the off-line
video submission.
Deliverables for Assignment 2 Report:
Subsection Details
Abstract 5% Introduce the topic and summarize the findings
Define the problem, mention its significance, introduce basic
concepts/terminologies, and mention in short existing approaches. At the
end, mention the organisation of the rest of the report.
Proposed Approach/
Implementation Details
Describe the proposed approach. Use a block diagram to illustrate the whole
process and then describe each section. You may like to include the pseudo
code of the algorithm. Also describe the language/software/tools used.
CSG2341_ProjectAssignments_192-v4 4
Performance Evaluation
Describe the dataset used for testing. Discuss the results using table and/or
Summarize the findings, mention limitation (if any) and indicate future
Contribution of each
Team Member
Mention who did what part of the work. Does not have to be splitted. You
may like to work together. Mention if there was any non-participating group
member. This section along with the presentation and peer review report
will be considered for individual marks (especially for non-active
Include all papers cited within the body of the report.
Provide the codes written and/or screen shots of the different steps (in case
you are using WEKA, MATLAB, KNIME or other tools/interfaces).
(in class/video)
Explain the theory of the chosen algorithm, discuss how it was
implemented, demonstrate the testing and explain the results
Assessment Criteria/Rubrics:
Please see the Assignment page of the unit BLACKBOARD site for the detailed rubrics for different submissions of
the assignments.
All sources of references must be cited (in text citation) and listed (end reference list). For details about referencing
please refer to the ECU Referencing Guide, which can be found from the following URL:
http://www.ecu.edu.au/LDS/pdf/refguide.pdf. However, as per the referencing style, you may also like to use IEEE
style (available at https://www.ieee.org/conferences/publishing/templates.html)
Please ensure that you have read and understood the information on plagiarism available at
If turnitin report (excluding references and appendix) shows more than 35% similarity with any
published work or the report submitted by other groups, then no marks will be provided to the group.
CSG2341_ProjectAssignments_192-v4 5
Subject Matter
The purpose of this contract is to ensure that all student members fulfil their obligations and complete their allocated
tasks as part of the group project for this unit.
1. On campus meetings (in person) will be scheduled as needed, however the aim will be to meet at least once
a week on campus as a minimum to ensure everyone is on the same page and remains on track towards
the completion of their allocated tasks.
2. All group members are required to be punctual during meetings
3. Group members who cannot attend meetings must give notice prior to the meeting along with a valid reason
for being unable to attend
4. All group members are to remain at the meeting until it is agreed upon by all members of the group that the
meeting has concluded
5. Group members are required to complete any scheduled tasks prior to the commencement of a meeting
unless they can provide a valid explanation for being unable to do so
6. Group members should regularly seek feedback/discussion from other group members on their work and
give feedback/discussion to other group members on their work
7. Group members must take turns listening and talking as one-person domination the discussion while
everyone else just listens will not be tolerated unless a specific scenario is taking place such as a
demonstration of a new feature for example
8. All group members are required to be active on group’s Discussion Board or any other collaboration platform
(such as slack) and check the messages several times a day
9. Group members must take turns recording the minutes of each meeting in addition to any allocated tasks
and their agreed upon deadlines
10. All members must be made aware of and contribute towards any decisions before they are officially made
11. Group members are required to share files/work in the agreed upon collaboration platform
12. Group members must respond to each other within 24 hours
Conflict Resolution
• Conflicts that occur should be mentioned to and be discussed by the whole group to ensure everyone is on
the same page
• Group members who fail to attend 2 meetings in a row without a valid reason will be issued a formal warning
and the project supervisor and unit coordinator will also be notified
• Group members who fail to attend 3 meetings in a row without a valid reason will be removed from the project
team and the project supervisor and unit coordinator will be notified of this removal
• If a group member misses a deadline without a valid reason, that group member will be issued a formal
warning and the tutor and unit coordinator will be notified
• If a group member misses 2 deadlines in a row without a valid reason, it will be brought to the rest of the
group’s attention including the tutor and unit coordinator and a removal of that group member may be
Student Names & Signatures in Agreement to this Group Contract
Student Signature Student Name Student Number Signature Date

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