Critically appraise all articles using the CASP checklist

Part A

  1. Search the library database to find three studies that answer your research question. All three studies must be of different study designs. For instance, you could include case control, cohort and RCTs. These studies do not have to prove their hypothesis or agree with each other. Please note that marks will be deducted if all identified papers are of similar study.
  2. Critically appraise all three articles you found using the CASP checklist. Make sure you use the relevant CASP checklist corresponding with your study design. Please note that you will need to make 3 different tables for the critical appraisal of the three different study design papers.
  3. Submit the Part A of the three tables for feedback before writing up Part B (essay).

Part B

Base on the feedback in Part A, you should write an essay on the three articles using the following headings:

Introduction: introduces the topic, outlines background information to your research question and finishes with the research question.

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