Critical Analysis Report

PPMP20010: Executing and Closing Projects
Assessment 3 – Critical Analysis Report (Total Marks – 30)
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  1. Project Information: Is the project snapshot appropriate?
  2. Introduction: Is the introduction of the chosen failed project appropriate?
  3. Major Issues: Are the issues and problems described about the project failure appropriate?
  4. Control Systems: Is the explanation of the range of control systems used for cost, schedule, quality and scope reasonable?
  5. Analysis of cost and/or schedule overruns: Are the reasons given for the cost and/or time overruns encountered during the project appropriate?
  6. Analysis of the project execution team: Is the analysis of the extent to which the project execution team could be held responsible of the incurred time and/or cost overrun appropriate?
  7. Analysis of relationship between overruns and the stakeholders: Is the analysis of the relationship between the problems you identified in cost and/or time overruns and the stakeholders expectations appropriate?
  8. Analysis of possible actions for success: Are the analysis of the project management actions that could have been taken to better control the project and stakeholders in order to increase the chance for successful delivery appropriate?
  9. Conclusion: Is the conclusion which identifies the key lessons that project management can learn from the experience of the project appropriate?
    Appropriate and well structured, concise and clear understanding of project management arguments in response to the assessment task? (10%)
    Does the report contain substantial evidence of the use of project management concepts, principles, theories and arguments about the execution phase, particularly application, analysis and arguments about the type of control systems that will enable better or worse project outcomes?
    Clarity of expression, language, format, presentation, references? (10%)
    Clarity of expression, language, format and presentation of the written report, Are the references provided correctly in an academic manner?
    Total marks
    Scaled marks
    Marker Name:
    Familiarity with the failed project context, issues and applicable control systems (30%)
    Critical evaluation of the effectiveness of applied control systems and stakeholders’ management (50%)
    Late Penalty 5% (-5 marks) for each calendar day (either full or part day).

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