Critical Analysis of a Diversity Policy

Assessment Task 3: Critical Analysis of a Diversity Policy

Length and/or format:               2000 words (10% –/+)


In light with the role of leaders, organisational structure and culture critically analyse a diversity policy along with its procedure/implementation strategy to ensure diversity and inclusion of an organisation that you know.


Leadership commitment is essential in creation of, and support diversity and inclusion in an organisation. Careful implementation of diversity policy, procedure and strategy, at the same time, is essential, that enhances an organisational culture and climate to uplift diversity and inclusion. You are to critically assess, analyse and evaluate the roles of leaders, organisational structure and culture within a diversity policy of an organisation that know. You also are to evaluate the application/implementation of that diversity policy procedure to explore if that ensures diversity and inclusion within the organisational setting reflecting your personal experience. Finally, you are to provide some suggestions for a better diversity policy and procedure.  


To critically analyse and evaluate a diversity policy and its procedures; you may think about the following questions:

  1.  What diversity strategies and procedures are incorporated in the policy and organisational structure?
  2. Identify and assess the diversity and inclusion components of that particular ‘Diversity’ policy.
  3. Are the leaders committed to diversity and inclusion management that are evident in the policy/procedure?
  4. What roles do leaders play to create a supportive organisational climate and culture within the policy structure?  (e.g. do they communicate their policy/strategy clearly with their employees by any means? And/Or do they think about any change?).  
  5. Do they have inclusive recruitment practice and long-term retention strategy written in their policy guideline; and what are their strategy to implement these guidelines appropriately?
  6. What initiatives do HR/managers take to implement the diversity policy/procedure in reality (e.g. diversity training, inclusive recruitment board)? 
  7. Do the organisation has any measures to ensure and monitor diversity and inclusion within the policy structure? If they have any then how they do that?
  8. How can they improve their policy, procedure and strategy to ensure better diversity and inclusion management?
  9. You need to compare and contrast your diversity policy/procedure with other diversity policies/procedures; and legislation to analyse and evaluate your policy critically.
  10. You need to provide evidence of using recent (not older than five years, excluding legislation) academic and business research minimum of ten (10) in Harvard style.
  11. You need to follow a ‘Report Format’ for this assessment task. However, please note, you don’t need to include executive summary and conclusion for this assessment task. Write your suggestions instead of your conclusion. (Please Note: The ACU PFBS Report Template is available on LEO.) 

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