Criminality of Drug Use and Abuse

The topic I have chosen to write about is the Criminality of Drug Use and Abuse. The instructions on how to complete this topic are attached. Please note, there will need to be some originality to the research paper and not just copy and paste. All questions will need to be addressed and written in APA.


SCS 200 Project One Guidelines and Rubric
Professionals in the social sciences investigate human behaviour and society for the purpose of understanding why people act the way they do. This investigation
can help address a wide variety of social issues, such as the role of social media in the Arab Spring protests, the impact of social skills on future success, racial
factors in police violence, and how partitioned grocery carts can help shoppers purchase healthier foods. Social scientists can help address issues such as these
through research and investigation.

The summatigation that examines an issue in the social sciences.
You will identify appropriate resources for investigating the issue you select, use these resources to apply social science principles to the issue, and develop a
question related to the issue. In addition, you will identify an audience who would be interested in the selected issue. In Project Two, you will develop a
presentation for the audience you identified in Project One. In your presentation, you will explain how social scientific thinking has affected you and discuss the
impact of the issue on your audience, supporting your claims with evidence.
Project One addresses the following course outcomes:
Illustrate the impact of social scientific thinking on personal and professional experiences
Select appropriate and relevant social science resources in investigating contemporary issues in the social sciences
Communicate effectively to specific audiences in examining fundamental aspects of human behaviour
Apply essential principles of the social sciences in addressing critical questions related to human behaviour
In Project One, you will select a contemporary issue in the social sciences to investigate. You may select an issue discussed in the course, or you may select your
own with instructor approval. You could consider using your question from SCS 100 if it is something you would like to investigate further for this assessment.
After selecting an issue, you will conduct a research investigation, identifying appropriate resources for researching the issue, applying social science principles to
your issue, and developing a question related to the issue. You will submit your research investigation as a written report.