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About DigiGeek
DigiGeek is an innovative full-service marketing agency specialises in strategic thinking, marketing, branding, interactive solutions, and visual communication across a whole spectrum of media. Its team manages marketing projects from start to finish, beginning with ideation and digital strategy, all the way through to UX, website design and development.
DigiGeek has built a reputation as a full service creative and market intelligence agency. Our work is driven by experienced decision makers, creative designers, market analysts, copywriters, and digital producers who work together to assist our clients achieve their business objectives.
Our moto is ‘exuberant creativity’.We pride ourselves on our agile approach, bringing our clients value that they can measure.
We are a full-stack leading marketing agency that will scope your business needs to best determine how we can build your business brand and develop work efficiencies.Our combined experience in branding, lead generation, website design, application development, graphic design, and business strategy means we can provide an end-to-end solution for you, to help you grow your business.
Our Team
DigiGeek team has helped organisations across a wide range of industry sectors including education, health and wellness, information communications and technology, not-for-profit, financial services, business consulting, career coaching and recruitment, hospitality, etc. to name a few.We work with a diverse client base in whicheach brand is unique and weformulatecustom-built strategies with a data-first approach.
The members of our team behind each success story include:

As a ‘one-stop-shop’ digital marketing agency, we at DigiGeek offera broad range of business solutions spearheaded by top-notch industry experts working in constant collaboration and communication with our amazing clients to create an impactful and memorable experience.
Our exquisite work that has been countlessly delivered across diverse industry fields is a testament to our passion in bringing futuristic and avant-garde ideas to the surface in combination with our strategically iterative and holistic methodology.
Our team combines decades of varied experience with integrity and transparency in the following areas:

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Buscon is a Brisbane-based forward-thinking business consultant practice specialised in providing business management systems and services to start-ups and SMEs across Australia.Busconoffers tailored business consulting and advisory services in business strategy formulation and execution, finance, operations, project management, sales, and marketing across various industries and organisation types.
The executive management strongly believes in the power of building a community with common interests in order to create ongoing traffic to the business. The focus of this community is to establish a network with likeminded start-ups and SMEs to exchange ideas or even initiate a joint venture that will bring benefit to their businesses.
To achieve this objective, Buscon has hired DigiGeek to develop a mobile application for the Buscon network members to join and communicate with each other. The application is available across multiple mobile platforms (including iOS, Android, and Windows to name a few) and also supported through a web service.
The application has been tested and approved for its release to public. Nevertheless, Buscon now needs DigiGeek’s support to organise a launch event for their potential and current clients at a national scale to attend and see the live application. The conceptual motive of the event is sketched below:

Ad Requirements
Buscon has a mobile app which brings its existing and emerging client base together forming a community that will establish a platform for organisations and professionals to interact and network with each other. The app has many features to serve this purpose such as discussion forums, blogs, announcements, events, etc. to name a few.
A launch event is to be initiated to showcase this community app to current and potential clients followed by a networking gathering which will enable participants to engage with each other; this will also benefit the organisation to capture potential leads and grow its client base.
As part of this process, the following print media has been decided to promote the event:
 newspaper – Australian Daily News
 magazine –Australian Business Lounge
 outdoor – bulletins located at integral choke-points across CBD areas.
It is expected that these three print media will promote the idea of “how having a community can grow your business” to tie together the individuals and businesses in a free get-together that focuses on promoting the client’s community mobile application. This is planned to be accomplished by creating a stimulus for potential visitors to RSVP their attendance through the client’s dedicated webpage. The process is depicted below:

To support this stimulus, the following activities will be offered:
 free profile and team corporate photoshoot
 free SEO report upon arrival
 free marketing, advertising, web and tech advice from experts
 three industry leading guest speakers
 prize draws and game competition to win freebies (e.g. free branding workshop and full day photoshoot)
 food and drinks.
Business Objective
The client aims to achieve the following objectives for its business:
• grow the Buscon network
• drive traffic to the business
• generate qualified leads
• provide additional services to potential and current customers.
Communication Objective
To increase awareness of the event and maximise attendance.
Key Message
Grow your business with this free event.
Target Audience
In order for the advertisements to achieve the objectives above, they must engage with the target audience.The client’s consumer base is comprised of start-ups and SMEswith the following profile for target attendees:
 non-gender specific
 aged between 30 and 65 with a key focus on Echo Boomers (a.k.a Millennials)
 middle to upper class income bracket
 cares about business growth
 seeks to create awareness for business
 values business rapport building and growing professional network
 wants to connect with potential influencers and keep up-to-date with trends
 keen to socialise and be motivated
 aims to link with someone in the hopes of developing a mutually beneficial relationship.
Albeit Buscon provides management consultancy services to its clients, the company does not have the typical ‘traditional’ brand personality which is highly common in the industry it operates. Instead, Buscon has embraced a ‘witty brand’ outlook which injects wit in its dealings with clients (and public) to provide a pathway for deeper, more personalised, and lasting relationships with their client base.
The Advertising Designer is required to translate the client’s brand tone of voice into each print medium ensuring a unified message across all channels.
The design must incorporate a combination of visual and textual elements. It is expected to be produced using an appropriate graphics design software. The output format must be adjusted to the highest visibility on each print media.
The language in each medium must be inplain English. Language may employ humour, however, must be ‘engaging’ rather than ‘off-putting’ in relation to its level of complexity.

The following information must be included across all print advertising media:
 a catchy headline
 event details
 reference to the mobile app
 offerings for attraction
 customised webpage for RSVP.
Style and Visual Elements
The format of the three print ads must conform to the following styles:
 imagery  interactive  create energy
 trendy  visual  informative
 modern  vibrant  elicit a mood of joining
 reflect the ‘community’ feeling
 use eye-catching colours to grab attention
 can use illustrations
 connect the tagline and image(s)
 readable and legible typography
 clear composition of colours, text, and objects
 convergent message across all print mediums.
 include the brand logo (see attached)
 be appropriately positioned and easily visible to target readers.
Note that the logo colours can be altered to ensure a balanced background and foreground composition on the design without applying any changes to other logo elements.
It is critical for the Advertising Designer to ensure compliance with DigiGeek Style Guide (see attached).
Time, Schedule and Budget
The Advertising Designer is required to create a project plan in line with DigiGeek procedures including a work-schedule and budget based on the below parameters. This plan will then be presented to DigiGeek Creative Director for approval prior to the commencement of work.
The hourly pay for the Advertising Designer for ad creation is $75 with no overrates.The client has not set a fixed budget for the initiative and requested for a quotation; therefore, the Advertising Designer is required to create a quotation and discuss this in the meeting with the Creative Director. It is important to note that though the client has not provided a fixed budget, their Marketing Manager wanted a budget-friendly solution.
The deadline for the first draft of this project is ten business days (excluding weekend days) from the date of approval. The deadline to polish and finalise the ads is to be decided in consultation with the Creative Director which will be at no cost to DigiGeek.

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