Create an appropriate algorithm

A concert hall has three seating categories: Orchestra, Main floor, and Balcony. Orchestra seats are $25. Main floor seats are $30, and balcony seats are $15. The manager wants an application that allows him to enter the number of tickets sold in each seating category. The application should calculate the amount of revenue generated by each seating category, as well as the total revenue using the “N0” format.

a. List the output and input items, as well as any proccessing items, then create an appropriate algorithm.

b. Create a new visual basic Windows application. Assign the name concert Project to the project. Assign the name Concert solution to the solution. Change the name of the form file on your disk to frmMain.vb. If necessary, change form’s name tofrmMain.

c. Create an appropriate interface. Include an Exit button. Code the Exit button’s Click event procedure and the problem’s algorithm. Save the solution. Desk-check the programe using your own sample data.

d. Start and then test the application. Stop the application, then close the solution.

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