Create a Presentation

Create a Presentation geared at providing an in-service educational presentation to fellow clinicians working in an addiction treatment facility where the predominant method of treatment leans heavily on individualized CBT and dependence on the 12-step community. Your goal will be to highlight the research into systemic treatment models and to provide a clear argument for a shift in thinking away from a linear treatment modality to a more systemic one. In your presentation, be sure to include a slide of local resources in your community that support your population of choice in recovery from addiction to provide referral resources to your colleagues. Be sure to highlight all of the following areas: Include an introduction to a systemic view of addiction. Explain your model of choice by including any specific strengths of the model to address addiction. Discuss your population and substance of choice, highlighting any specific issues the population might face in general with recovery and informing the audience of specific issues related to the population’s use of the substance. Create a case vignette based on a person who is coming into treatment for the substance of your choice. Be sure to include a description of the person’s support systems and others who would be involved in treatment. Indicate a treatment plan written for this client, using the therapeutic model of your choice so that your colleagues can see how you would approach treatment systemically with this client. Length: 10 slides (with narration notes) References: Seven scholarly resources

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