CPPDSM4010A Lease Property

CPPDSM4010A Lease Property

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Screen tenant enquiries, conduct inspections, obtain and review tenancy applications, complete tenancy agreements or lease documentation, place tenants in property and record tenancy arrangements.

  • List 4 ways that a tenant enquiry may be received into the agency.
  • What is the difference between a fixed term lease and periodic lease?
  • Name at least 3 legislative or regulatory requirements that will impact on leasing property?

a)  Name at least 4 areas of reference you would check during the tenant screening process

b)  What specifically are you looking for when checking these references?

  • How would you respond to a tenant who makes a rental offer on a property that is $20 per week less than the asking price?
  • What are some examples of effective questioning techniques?
  • What are the benefits of a property inspection for a tenant, agent and a landlord?
  • What are some ethical and conduct standards that agents may have to follow in relation to leasing property?
  • List at least 4 questions you could ask to qualify a potential tenant.
  • What are examples of promotional materials which can assist with the leasing of property?
  • What is the purpose of establishing a rapport with tenants?
  • You need to show 2 different properties to a potential tenant.

a)  The first one is vacant and undergoing renovations

b)  The second one is currently tenanted

Outline the procedures you would follow to show these two different properties.

  • List the 4 mandatory documents you will need to complete when signing up a new tenant to a property.
  • What information is generally included in a tenancy application form?
  • Name at least 3 examples of criteria which can be used for tenant selection.
  • Name at least 2 circumstances that a landlord can terminate a lease.
  • Explain the procedure you go through once an application has been approved to:

a)  Execute the lease

b)  Place the tenant in the property

Ensure to include any relevant activities required to be completed after the tenant has signed the lease.

  • What information needs to be recorded and filed relating to property lease?
  • What might tenancy agreement or lease documentation include?
  • What type of information would be recorded on an entry condition report?

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