Course Prerequisite

As per stated in our syllabus relevance to the CA:

Course Objectives

1. Develop cost estimations for product/service for Constructive Action project and long-term production strategies.

2. Develop and apply economic analyses for CA project.

Course Prerequisite

Student must have taken undergraduate or MBA foundation course on Principles of Economics and Finance within the last 10 years with a grade of B- or better in each; Student must demonstrate proficiency in Microsoft Office 2007 or later version, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

From the above it is possible that you may have to review some of your past class’s material, but I will try to review as needed


This course builds on the Constructive Action (CA), Purpose 2 on Business Planning, Development and Marketing. The goal of this purpose is to develop a broad understanding and working knowledge of how customers, business, and suppliers interact with each other. Students are expected to develop the following for their respective CA projects:

1. Demand estimation and supply estimation and analysis

2. Production cost analysis

3. Price elasticity analysis

4. Total, marginal and average product.

Skills Dimension Abilities in Managerial Economics

Students will develop the following Abilities for use in the Constructive Action:

1. Identify and use appropriate critical thinking skills.Identify and use managerial economics concepts in managing business decisions and performance.

2. Identify and use appropriate mathematical skills.

By Week 6: State the area of managerial Economics you would be focusing on

By Week 9: The WIP (the overall 5% would be lost if not hand n by Week 9)

1. Title page

2. A summary of your CA project thus far

3. What area of Managerial Economics you are integrating into your CA project

4. Describe the area of ME in detail.

5. How will this ME’ area impact your official CA Project

6. Remember to always, cite some form of bench marking as we did in Week 3for success. How will the ME help predicting success

7. Additional references and data may be added to your project as a result of this activity.

8. As always a conclusion/recommendation/summary would be included

9. Working Bibliography

YOUR WIP WILD BE ASSESSED on each of these sections above

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