Convert hexadecimal value 17 to decimal

1. Convert hexadecimal value 17 to decimal.

2. Convert the following decimal number to 8-bit binary 178

3. Convert binary 1001110010 to hexadecimal.

4. Convert the following binary number to decimal.  011111

5 Decode the following ASCII message.


6. Convert the decimal number 162.75 to binary.

7. The number of bits used to store a BCD digit is:

8. A number is represented in its 2’s complement form as 1100111 what is its decimal valu 9 the parity bit to be added to the data 11110000001 to make it in to even parity 10 which of the following number system has two 0s 11 The gray code for the binary number 111001 is 12 The Boolean expression suitable to the logic circuit is 13.  If a 3-input NOR gate has eight input possibilities, how many of those possibilities will result in a    HIGH output? 14. If a signal passing through a gate is inhibited by sending a LOW into one of the inputs, and the output is HIGH, the gate is a(n): 15. Which is correct grouping 16. What logic function corresponds to the following circuit? 17 number of switching functions of 3 variables is 18. The Boolean expression can be minimized as 19 the Boolean function AB+CD is to be realized using two input NAND gates. The minimum number of gates required is 2o The logic expression Y= A + AB- is equal to

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