Contribute To Organization Development

In this task you will be required to ensure that there is an effective consultative processes from inception to encourage participation and sharing by stakeholders.

  1. Provide an identification of what would be the ideal consultative processes to maximize participation in the organization development process and discuss how you would implement it.
  2. What would be the recommended team development and training activities to foster collaborative learning and team work.

3.Discuss how would the organization be able to facilitate groups to ensure that the team is able to work collaboratively to resolve problems

  1. Advise on a conflict management strategy approach to support individuals and/or groups to achieve consensus or agreement
  2. Elaborate on four intervention strategies that assist to improve productivity, performance or behaviors through a series of structured individual and team activities.
  3. Describe how the organization will monitor, evaluate and modify ideas through the use of brainstorming, nominal group technique or other creative idea generating models to ensure the best ideas for problem solving.

Select at least 2 options as intervention strategies to achieved the desired performance

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