Construct a normal probability plot.

SAS Project——MATH6547 Fall 2019
Please do problem 5.67, as modified below (which will answer the textbook’s problem and more).

The data sets are available on the textbook CD in the files

“D:\Assets\Data Sets\Excel\Exercises\MLB2009-AL.xls” and

“D:\Assets\Data Sets\Excel\Exercises\MLB2009-NL.xls”.

Before doing this project please read pp. 246-248 of the textbook carefully.

  1. Construct a histogram and stem-and-leaf display. Draw your conclusion.
  2. Compute the intervals ± s, ± 2s, and ± 3s, and determine the percentage

of measurements falling in each. Draw your conclusion.

  1. Find the interquartile range, IQR, and standard deviation, s, for the sample, then

calculate the ratio IQR/s. Draw your conclusion.

  1. Construct a normal probability plot. Draw your conclusion.

5 . Summarize your findings.

Please show your work completely and clearly.

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