Considerations for an ageing population

Overview of Tasks Considerations for an ageing population INSTRUCTIONS You are an expert in the field of ageing skin. You have been given the responsibility of creating a review of the literature for colleagues at your workplace (beauty or skin clinic) that presents current research on a range of considerations for an aging population. This will be a presentation of your findings in the literature, not an instructional piece. You do not need to give details of a skincare routine or treatment plan or recommend products, you are simply providing a review of the literature on a range of changes that occur with aging that would be relevant for your colleagues to know. Choose one of the following topics to discuss; Current theories of aging and the psychological considerations for aging clients OR/ Physiological skin changes and the underlying biological processes that create them. Begin researching all areas and see what grabs your attention, something you’re interested in will make for a more engaging article. You will need: An introduction to the topic The body of your essay that covers your chosen topic A logical conclusion Any references used should be peer-reviewed journal articles with few textbooks and no marketing/consumer type websites.

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