Conference Project wrap up report

Conference Project wrap up report

The conference was a great success. The feedback that I received from the speakers was very positive, and I think that I will be able to convince two of them to do some consulting for Grow Management Consultants in the future.

I am sure that each of the speakers would be prepared to speak at our conference in the future, but I know that we want to keep moving our speakers and topics to reflect changes in the industry, so I will only contact them for this purpose if their experience matches our needs.

I also think that Dan, in his new position would be in an excellent position to access other speakers and determine the most cutting-edge topics in the future. He will be working with our larger clients and establishing contacts with large corporations we haven’t worked with before, so I think he will be a great resource moving forward.

If I had worked more closely with him at the start of the project, I am sure we would have sorted them out earlier. I didn’t delegate anything to him because I thought I had it all sorted.

Donna Chisholm

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