Conference Project wrap up report

Conference Project wrap up report

The Conference was a great success! I heard nothing but praise from the attendees.

The marketing material that Zaid prepared was excellent, as I am sure you will agree. Having someone new on the task presented the opportunity for it to be looked at through new eyes, and the results speak for themselves. Zaid designed the marketing material using a new colour palette and a new font for the text, which made it all look very modern: futuristic, even.

I will be making a presentation at the next Senior Management meeting that will propose changing all of Grow Management Consultants’ marketing material to reflect these changes. We haven’t changed our basic designs for five years, so this is the perfect time to re-assess it. This will help us improve our brand recognition by tying our new design to the conference’s success.

So, as well as having some of the pressure taken off me, having Zaid to delegate to has created this amazing opportunity for the company. It is impressive how many different benefits this project has presented to us.

Erin O’Donnell

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