Conference Project wrap up report

Conference Project wrap up report

As expected, the Conference ran at a profit. Please see the figures below, which are a summary of the financial report, which I will submit within the month.

Betty was able to handle the project financial issues while was away, with the help of the Project Manager and (in one case requiring the counter-signing of a cheque) the CEO.

I was in attendance at the conference and received very good feedback from the attendees. I would be very surprised if the publicity generated didn’t improve our work in the Brisbane area by 300% at least.

Edith Partridge

Conference expenditure details

Expenses Income
Venue $50,000 Registration fees – individuals $350,000
Catering $20,000

Speaker fees $10,000

Speakers travel $4,520

Publicity $7,250

Courier $1,595

Entertainers $6,400

Printing $3,500


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