Computing ethical and cultural differences on website

Ethical and Cultural Differences on a Website

For this Critical Thinking assignment, you are a technical communications project manager for BCG working on the CSIC project. Read the following scenario and review the requirements for writing a proposal:

Guidelines for Writing Proposals (linked at the bottom of the page)


After approving the proposal presented to City Security Insurance Company’s (CSIC) corporate website in Module 1, your manager at BCG has asked you to submit a supplement to the proposal addressing how to assure the readers and end users are not offended by the website and how you propose to assure the website is ethical. Remember that CSIC has new locations in Mexico City, Tokyo, Dubai, London, and Montreal, and the corporate office is situated in New York City.

You will need to:

  • Explain how you will incorporate different cultures
  • Provide ways to handle the text for all global readers or end users
  • Describe various types of effective and acceptable visuals for all global readers or end users
  • Describe at least four possible ethical dilemmas when using a global corporate website and explain how they can be resolved.

Submit your supplement to the proposal in a single 3-4 page document. You do not have to resubmit the original proposal, only the supplemental information.

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