Comprehensive Accounting Project

Comprehensive Accounting Project

Team, you have been called in to help Sarah Singer who has operated a part-time graphic design business from her home. Her accountant has decided to quit working for her and Singer has decided she needs a more organized approach to keeping his accounting records. (Singer has kept his accounting records in a big file cabinet). Singer has decided to move to a rented office space and is planning to operate the business on a full-time basis. The business will be known as Sarah’s Designs, Inc. Singer also has the following transactions that took place during the month of Sept 20XX:

Possible adjustment data for Sarah’s Designs, Inc. as of Sept 30, 20XX:

Deliverables for this project:

After the recording the transactions and posting the transactions into the general journal and general ledger that you have created, please complete the following tasks:

Prepare the adjusting entries

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