compile a research proposal

Assessment Task
You are required to compile a research proposal that will allow you to demonstrate the application of your selected methodological approach to a well structured, coherent, realistic, achievable and well-argued proposal for a programme of professional research and development.
The research proposal should be written in the form of a report and should cover specific areas (see below) that will have been covered during the delivery of the module. The report should be structured along the following lines that could also be used as the basis for sub-headings:
Executive summary
Table of contents
Title, introduction and rationale for the proposed research
(In that section the significance of the study need to be supported by evidence from recent journals highlighting what is the current situation and why this researc is significant)
Statement of the problem: the problem need to be stated clealy highlighting what have been done and what is silent about that particular topic which needs further research and exploration) Research questions/aim/objectives and conceptual framework
Contribution (To Practicionners and to academics)
(Contribution need to demonstrate clearly how this research will contribute to the body of management knowledge and the academic body as well) Literature review
(Critical literature Review, and this by reviewing the literature about ERM and demonstrating critical understanding of the topic)
Theoretical framework that is informing your study (agency, contingency, grounded…….ect)
(Talk about the theory or theories that are informing your study and justify why you underpinning that particular theory/(ies) by stating clearly how you gonna contribute to the literature as far as this theory is concerned)
Research approach, design and methodology
(A clear understanding of the methodology need to be demonstrated here as well as clear sampling(method,frame,settings), pilot study, proposed implementation of the sampling plan, selection of respondents , data measurment, data analysis using which technique, data collection method.
Access issues and ethical considerations